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Winning big at bingo: Dos and don’ts

What to do if you win big playing online bingo

Playing online bingo is meant to be a fun and easy way to enjoy one of your favourite pastimes. The thrill of daubing off your numbers and closing in on the winning pattern… it’s the most fun you can have online (probably).

So enjoyment is key to playing bingo online, but as many thousands of players engage in cash games each and every day the truth is that, of course, large sums of money are out there and somebody has to win them—why not you?

Imagine taking down a game with a large jackpot attached. How would you react? It’s hard to know instinctively, although a period of reflection is probably a good idea!

When the cash is deposited into your account, ultimately you have one of three choices to make…

1. Quit while you’re ahead?

How much do you love playing online bingo? That’s one of the first questions you must ask yourself after that big payday lands in your account. You could, if you wanted, make a withdrawal and walk away from playing online bingo for good…safe in the knowledge that you have ‘beaten the system’, to some extent.

But if you love the game then there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t carry on enjoying your hobby. Cash out all or the majority of your winnings, and then carry on playing with the same scale of bankroll that you had all along.

And as we will touch upon later in this article, do not be tempted to pile all of your payout back into expensive games where ticket prices are astronomical.

2. Money in the bank

This is, perhaps, the most sensible option of the three when you have won big at online bingo.

We could all do with some extra money from time to time, whether it’s to pay the bills or to treat a loved one, and while we wouldn’t necessarily promote the idea of using online bingo as a profit-making device (although it is possible), hopefully there will be a time when you have a handsome payout making its way into your account.

When you do, the simplest act of all is to withdraw your winnings or the majority of them straight to your bank account to enjoy the fruits of your labour; if you invest all of these back into playing bingo, you may end up very regretful and walking the lonely ‘if only I’d…’ road.

3. Keep on trucking

If you do plan on making a second income from online bingo, or a few pennies to treat yourself to the finer things in life, then the motivation may be to keep your winnings in your account and use them to progress your bankroll to the next level.

This strategy comes with obvious risks and rewards.

The main risk is that you may eventually lose all of your payout should you embark on a losing streak of some kind, and again you’ll be left frustrated that you didn’t simply cash out when the chance arose.

But the rewards are clear for all to see. You can use this big win as a means to fund your online bingo gaming for the foreseeable future—meaning you won’t need to dip into your own cash savings, and your influx of funds means you can, should you wish, enter more games or certainly higher entry fee games where the prizes on offer are greater.

As is often the case in life, where you sit on the ‘risk and reward’ spectrum will dictate your next move after landing a handsome jackpot prize. But no matter what your philosophy might be, there are a number of traps you should certainly avoid falling into after winning big:

Don’t….go too big too early

That might sound like the kind of advice a parent would give to their child ahead of a house party, but those are also wise words for bingo winners to heed too.

You have X amount of pounds sat in your account; what next? The temptation is to plunge those immediately into another game in the hunt for bigger and better wins….but as we know, online bingo doesn’t work like that. Your next win, well, it might not come for a while, so to undo all your hard work in the blink of an eye would be foolish, to say the least.

Don’t assume this is the start of a winning streak

If you win big while playing online bingo then you will be walking on sunshine for some time afterwards.

You might have already spent the money—whether literally or metaphorically—and are already planning your next big splurge for when that next big win comes along.

Just be careful. In life there are losing streaks just as much as there are winning runs, and respecting the Feng Shui of life is important even for the humble online bingo fanatic.

Don’t show off

Nobody likes a braggart, after all. Telling friends and family how much you have won might seem like the natural thing to do, but that sort of thing can build resentment and jealousy.

Yes, cashing out a handsome sum is an achievement that you should celebrate. But never forget that online bingo is a game of random chance: don’t let your successes carry you away.