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Top tips for improving your roulette odds

How to win at roulette

You might think that winning at roulette is a simple game of luck: you place your bets on your favourite numbers/groups of numbers, watch as the wheel spins and hope that the ball lands in your chosen segment. Roulette is the ultimate game of chance, isn’t it?

Well yes, kind of. But then there are steps you can take to maximise your chances of winning.

Quick tip #1: Money matters

The very nature of roulette dictates that you will have both winning streaks and losing runs; that is just how games of random chance play out. Flick a coin 100 times: do you expect to see 50 heads and 50 tails? It’s highly unlikely, that’s just how probability is.

So understanding that streaks are temporary is essential. To combat the bad times, adopting an effective wagering strategy is key to ensuring your bankroll doesn’t disappear in the blink of an eye.

Breaking your bank down into an equal number of units is one method. For example, if you have £100 to your name, split this into £2 or £5 for every spin of the wheel.

This level-headed approach will ensure that temporary winning/losing runs are managed appropriately….and that you don’t go on full tilt mode and do something silly.

Quick tip #2: Cash out when you can

Imagine you manage to turn that initial £100 you started with into £150 after a series of winning spins. Good times, right!

Ensure those happy feelings continue by taking the £50 you have won and putting it way. Either give it to a friend to look after in a bricks-and-mortar casino, or withdraw it if you are playing online.

That way, you can only lose the designated amount you started with; and that £50 acts as a nice consolation prize to enjoy.

Quick tip #3: Watch and learn

Online roulette is solely a game of chance. It has no advantages or biases available to players due to the RNG (random number generator) that online casino sites use.

But in high street casinos occasionally things might be slightly different. Just watch the roulette wheel and observe the croupier at work. You might notice that the wheel is landing on one particular side more than the other.

Maybe the croupier is a heavy or lighter spinner. This will give you an added insight as to where the ball might land.

How the wheel is spun matters….and remember, the croupier is as human as the rest of us.

So now that you have a clear and concise mindset heading into your game, now is the time to consider some classic roulette strategies to adopt:

Play the percentages

The glamour of playing casino games is that, in the deepest, darkest recesses of our minds, we all think we can get rich with a lucky spin of the wheel or a glorious turn of a card.

In truth, this only happens for the lucky few, and for the rest of us it is clever, accumulative wagering that will ultimately be successful.

As far as roulette is concerned, that means betting on the outside quadrant of the board. Betting on red/black and odd/even offers up an even money chance of winning. Wagering on one of the number groups (first 12, second 12 or third 12) offers a 1 in 3 chance of success.

Combining two options – e.g. black and first 12 – will enhance your win ratio and deliver enhanced payouts.

Double down

The beauty of betting on one of the even money options outlined above is that your bankroll can be managed more effectively.

Many roulette aficionados adopt the Martingale Strategy for wagering, or a variation of it. This is predicated on the fact that, if you bet solely on red/black for instance, that you will eventually enjoy a winning spin. It’s basic probability.

The premise is simple: you double up for each losing spin, like so:

  • Bet 1: £5 on Black – loses.
  • Bet 2: £10 on Black – loses.
  • Bet 3: £20 on Black – loses.
  • Bet 4: £40 on Black – wins.

The beauty of this strategy is that by sticking to one of the colours, you will eventually win. And look at the numbers: you will (if you have a big enough bankroll) always claw back your losses. In the example above, you have lost a total of £35 in stakes. However, you will eventually get that back and then some profit on top.

If you are lucky enough to embark on a win streak, the Martingale Strategy can help you to maximise your profits.

The name’s Bond, James Bond

Who would have thought that old 007 himself would have come up with a winning roulette strategy that is still deployed by many players to this day.

This tactic revolves around a set wager amount, usually £100 to £200, and then bets are placed in a specific manner. For £200 wagers, the combination is:

  • £140 on the second set of numbers (19-36)
  • £50 on the third set of six numbers (13-18)
  • £10 on zero

For wagers of any other denomination, work out the percentages accordingly.

The idea behind the James Bond strategy is that it minimises risk while maximising your chances of landing a winning number. If the ball lands on any number between 19-36, your profit will be £80, for numbers 13-18 it will be £100, and if it lands on zero you will pocket £160.

If numbers 1-12 come up then you will lose that £200 stake. But of course, there is always the Martingale Strategy for unit-based wagering to go and win it all back!